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Master thesis defense in Materials Science by Salomón Rojas Treviño. Title of the Thesis: Reforzamiento de aleaciones de alumnio 319 con nanopartículas. February/3/2012 at 12:00 h.
New Oxford University Press Database. You can access from INTEGRA
Preparatory courses for the Master in Materials Science begin on may/28/2012
18a semana nacional de ciencia y tecnología. Galería de fotos.
CIMAV Monterrey at the Planetario Alfa

Nanotechnology News: DNA motors on
As a supramolecular chemist, Hanadi Sleiman found herself strongly drawn to manmade DNA structures. 'We think of DNA as the most programmable structure there is. I thought - if it is - let me try to incorporate it into regular supramolecular structures,' says the professor at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. She hasn't looked back. 'What is really beautiful about DNA structures is the fact that you can control every single aspect of them,' she exclaims.

Sleiman is one of an increasing number of chemists who have turned to DNA nanotechnology. Some pin their hopes on using DNA in nanoelectronics or for drug delivery, while others are excited about its potential as an analytical tool.

Source: RSC