CIMAV Monterrey is situated inside the Park of Investigation and Technical Innovation (PIIT), which is located at 10th kilometer of the highway Monterrey-Airport in the municipality of Apodaca. This park is 30 minutes of driving from the center of the city of Monterrey and 3 minutes driving from the airport.
Driving directions to reach PIIT

From the Internation Airport of Monterrey
  • Leave the airport heading to the Miguel Alemán street
  • Take a turn at the sign for the toll highway towards Monterrey
  • Turn right and enter the toll highway
  • After the brigde take the first exit to the right (marked as entrance to Huinalá) to pass over the bridge and return to the highway now heading towards the airport
  • Heading towards the airport you will see the entrance to PIIT on your right side, marked with huge incomplete red-colored arch

From the center of the city
  • Use East Constitución highway which follows the Santa Catarina river, reaching the toll gate Guadalupe
  • At the toll gate choose the right lane marked as "Airport" and pay the corresponding toll
  • After the toll gate, follow the right lane heading to the airport over a bridge that turns to the left, entering to the toll highway to the airport
  • Once on the highway, look for PIIT at 10th kilometer, which is easily recognizeable for its huge incomplete red-colored entrance arch

[GOOGLE map showing driving directions for CIMAV campus Monterrey]

Location of CIMAV Monterrey

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