CIMAV Monterrey has specialized equipment to offer the material characterization service to the Industry and investigation centers in the region. Being an important center of scientific and technological activity for the graduate students, we provide qualified personnel for the corporations and industry involved with the field of materials science and nanotechnology.

We are doing a large effort into economy, social development and competitivity of Mexico on International arena. We know that together with our research collaborators, which includes institutions, industry and organizations, we are working to construct a brilliant future for our country.

We are promoting the miltidisciplinary approach, collaboration and initiatives including development of the infrastructure.

CIMAV Monterrey has the task to generate new knowledge for the benefit of the present and future generations. Currently, we have 13 researchers (but we are keep growing!) with scientific and technological projects on the national level.

We are working in various investigation areas, including: physics of materials, engineering of surfaces and coatings, polymenrs, theoretical physics, composite materials, computational chemistry, analysis of surfaces and interfaces, etc. We are connected with various laboratories in the World, as well as with national and interntaional institutions.

We are inviting you to visit CIMAV Monterrey to become acquainted with our reseachers and laboratories.
Research in CIMAV Campus Monterrey
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