Ph.D. in Metallurgical and Ceramic Engineering, Cinvestav-IPN Saltillo. Mexico, 2005
M.Sc. Cinvestav-IPN Saltillo. Mexico, 2001
B.Sc. Instituto Tecnologico de Saltillo. Mexico, 2000

Professional experience
Researcher of new products Castech Industry (2005)
Attending Professor in Metallurgy Department. Cinvestav-IPN Saltillo (2006)
Researcher in Welding Technology. COMIMSA (2006-2008)

  • Development of metallic matrix nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical properties at high temperatures and pressures by powder metallurgy and solidification process.
  • Multi-component nanostructured coatings on metallic alloys for wear, corrosive protection and high temperature resistance applications. Development of novel materials by mechanical alloying synthesis and thermal spray process.
  • Ultra-low thermal conductivity thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) from recycled fly-ash cenospheres.
  • Design and simulation of new materials with FactSage Software® based on Integrated Thermodynamic Databank System. The aim is focus on the development and interpretation of modified binary and ternary phase diagrams and the multi-phases involved related with their nano and microstructures.
  • Design and development of metallic coatings on-line by electrodeposition process for aerospace industry.

Five Selected Publications
  • " Microstructure of NiCoAlFeCuCr multi-component systems synthesized by mechanical alloying." C. D. Gómez-Esparza, R. A. Ochoa-Gamboa, I. Estrada-Guel, J. G.Cabañas-Moreno, J. I. Barajas-Villarruel, A. Arizmendi-Morquecho, J. M. Herrera-Ramírez, R. Martínez-Sánchez.  J. Alloys Compd., 2011.

  • " Ultra-low thermal conductivity thermal barrier coatings from recycled fly-ash cenospheres" A. Chávez-Valdez, A. Arizmendi-Morquecho, G. Vargas, J.M. Almanza, J. Álvarez-Quintana. Acta Materialia, 2011, 59, 2556.

  • " Adhesion strength and thermal shock resistance of fly ash cenospheres deposited on SiC" A. Chávez-Valdez, J. M. Almanza-Robles, G. Vargas-Gutierrez, A. Arizmendi-Morquecho. Materials Characterization, 2010, 61, 1299.

  • "Síntesis y caracterización de un recubrimiento de tipo PMMA-CaO" C. H. Navarro, V. M. Nieto, A. Arizmendi-Morquecho, S. García-Miranda, R. Lesso,  K. J. Moreno,  F. Louvier-Hernández, A. Chávez-Valdez, M. A. Aguilar. Superficies y Vacío, 2010, 23, 31.

  • "Fly ash cenospheres coatings by EPD-Microwave sintering process for SiC corrosion resistance" A. Chávez-Valdez, G. Vargas-Gutiérrez, J.M. Almanza-Robles, A. Arizmendi-Morquecho. Key Engineering Materials, 2009, 412, 201.

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