Ph.D Materials Science. Cinvestav-Unidad Queretaro, Mexico (2010).

B.Sc. Courses (Febrero 2008-Febrero 2010). Solidification, Processing of polymeric materials, Material science and engineering, Material properties I, Research Workshop II at the Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro, México.

Main research interests
  • Structure and properties of nanoparticles.
  • Sol-Gel coatings.
  • Photocatalytic materials.
  • Synthesis and doped carbon nanostructures.
  • Theoretical characterization by DFT (Density Functional Theory) approximations.
  • Monolayers study (graphene and dichalcogenides): structure, properties and applications.

Research Fellowships.
  • Investigation projects "Synthesis, doping and characterization of carbon nanostructures", "Phase transfer method for Au-Co nanoparticles", "Layered materials prepared by exfoliation method". Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Texas at San Antonio, USA. (2010-2011).

Selected Publications
  • J. A. Cortes, J. F. Pérez-Robles, J. González-Hernández, P. Vorobiev, Y. V. Vorobiev and A.G. García "Mechanism of photo catalytic degradation of brilliant Blue colorant in water suspension with TiO2 catalyst", 2010, Phys. Status Solidi C, Vol (1-4), DOI 10.1002/pssc.201000038.
  • A.G. Garcia, M.J. Duarte Correa, J.F. Perez Robles, A.H. Romero, C. Velasco-Santos, L.M. Apatiga. "Carbon nanotube junctions obtained by pulsed liquid injection chemical vapour deposition", 2010, Diamond and Related Materials, Vol 19 (7-9), special issue: 1052-1057.
  • A.G. Garcia, AH Romero Castro. "Evaluation of the scientific impact, productivity and biological age based upon the h-index in three Latin American countries: The materials science", 2009, ANNALEN DER PHYSIK., Vol 18(4):198-205
  • A.G. Garcia, S.E. Baltazar, AH Romero Castro, JF Perez Robles and A. Rubio "Influence of S and P doping in a graphene sheet", Journal of Computacional and Theoretical Nanoscience, 2008, Vol. 5(11):2221-2229.

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